Workindenmark's job fairs


Highly qualified in general


Spain, Vigo, October 23-24, 2018

FINDE.U - Vigo
The universities in Porto and Vigo have joined forces in order to arrange FINDE.U – a private international job fair for companies seeking highly qualified candidates.Workindenmark has been participating for the last 2 years and met many skilled candidates within biotech/pharma and engineering. The fair will be marketed in local media and through a job fair catalog. Workindenmark can advertise vacancies through EURES Spain prior to the fair.

Salon du Travail, Mobilité Professionelles

France, Paris, January 20-21, 2019

Salon du Travail - Paris
This job fair is organized by the newspaper L’express in cooperation with EURES France. The fair targets job seekers looking for an international career and attracts many persons including highly qualified candidates.

Emigration Expo

The Netherlands, Houten, February 10-11, 2019

Emigration Expo - Houten
Emigration Expo is Europe’s largest of its kind. App. 12.000 visitors and 200 exhibitors are expected to join the fair. It is organized by a private organization in cooperation with EURES the Netherlands and marketed throughout Dutch national media. The fair targets everybody who considers emigrating from the Netherlands and attracts many highly qualified applicants.In 2019 the Nordic countries Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark will be highlighted in the 23rd edition of the Emigration Fair. Workindenmark, together with a range of relevant organizations, has joined forces to promote the good job and career possibilities in Denmark. Workindenmark can advertise vacancies through the Dutch Employment Service,the fair’s website and EURES.

MIT European Career Fair

USA, Boston, February 16, 2019

MIT European Career Fair - Boston
The MIT European Career Fair is an annual recruiting event, organized by members of the European Club at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The fair connects top-tier US students and young professionals with European companies, universities and non-profit organizations and inform about career opportunities in Europe. The 2019 fair is still under planning.


Portugal, Porto, October 16-17, 2018

The universities in Porto and Vigo have joined forces in order to arrange FINDE. U – a private international job fair for companies seeking highly qualified candidates. Workindenmark has been participating for the last 2 years and met many skilled candidates within biotech/pharma and engineering. The fair will be marketed in local media and through a job fair catalog. Workindenmark can advertise vacancies through EURES Portugal prior to the fair.

Graduate Recruitment Fair

Switzerland, Basel, November 14th 2018

Graduate Recruitment Fair, Basel
This job fair is targeted graduates within life science, IT, engineering, ecomony, architecture and more interested in an international career.Workindenmark participated i 2016 and met many highly qualified young professionals.

European Job Day

Bulgaria, Varna, October 10th 2018

This fair is a general job fair organized by EURES Bulgaria. In order to attracht highly qualified job seekers to the fair Workindenmark can promote your vacancies prior to the fair.For further information please contact Workindenmark.

Job Meeting

Italy, Turin, September 27, 2018

Job Meeting, Turin
Job meeting is a career fair organized by EURES Italy. You will meet both recent graduates and candidates with experience. Workindenmark has been participating through several years and met candidates with engineering or a financial background. Vacancies can be advertised through EURES Italy.

Engineering and IT

Io Lavoro

Italy, Turin, October 24-25, 2018

Io Lavoro - Turin
IoLavoro is a job fair with an international angle arranged in cooperation with EURES Italy. The universities of Northern Italy offer a wide range of study options within the technical fields such as mechanical engineers, production engineers, construction engineers, electrical engineers and engineers within energy, aerospace and robot technologies. Workindenmark therefore expects to meet candidates with competences that are interesting to Danish companies. We recommend that companies advertise their vacancies prior to the fair.

Targul de Cariere

Romania, Cluj, November 9-10, 2018

Targuel de Cariere - Cluj
Târgul de Cariere is the largest network of career events in Romania. The IT Career Fair is dedicated to the IT industry. Starting from 2012, each event is attended by an average of 35-40 companies in the field and 2,000 candidates with various IT training and specialization.

The National Engineering & Construction Recruitment Exhibition

United Kingdom, Birmingham, November 30 & December 1, 2018

NEC Recruitment Exhibition - Birmingham
NEC Recruitment Exhibition is the largest job fair for engineers in UK. The fair is organized by Venture Marketing Group in cooperation with The Telegraph. The fair targets a wide range of specialists within all aspects of engineering, i.e. chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, oil & gas engineers, process engineers, construction engineers and software engineers. The job fair is supported by major industry associations and institutions and will be marketed in major national media.

IT Recruitment Fair

Sweden, Lund, September 27, 2018

IT Recruitment Fair - Lund
This job fair addresses IT specialists and is organized by EURES Sweden in cooperation with the Swedish Employment Service. The job fair lasts only 3 hours (10:00 AM – 01.00 PM) so it is possible to get back and forth in one day. The fair is well visited and many of the participating companies manage to arrange interviews with candidates. Workindenmark expects good opportunities to find suitable candidates for the vacancies advertised prior to the fair.

Biotech and Pharma

Life Science Job Fair

Sweden, Lund, October 25th 2018

Life Science Job Fair, Lund
This job fair is arranged by Arbeitsförmedlingen Lund, Medicon Village and Cross Border Ôresund. The fair covers a broad spectrum within biology, medicine, chemistry, and the interdisciplinary fields.The job fair lasts only 3 hours (10:00AM – 01:00 PM) so it will be possible to get forth and back in one day.

Naturejobs Career Expo

Germany, Düsseldorf, November 16, 2018

Naturejobs Career Expo - Düsseldorf
The expo is organized in co-operation with a German recruitment company and will promote global career opportunities within all areas of biotech/pharma, including academic institutions, private industrial research and research organizations. It is expected that talented candidates from Germany and other EU countries will visit the fair.

BFC Career Event

Belgium, Ghent, November 22, 2018

BFC Career Event - Ghent
BCF Career Event in Ghent is organized by Hyphen Projects, which are behind the annual successful BCF Career Event in Amsterdam. It is the second time the event is held in Belgium. We expect participation of 800-1000 candidates with a background in biotech/pharma, chemistry and food.


Medical specialist recruitment - Pordenone

Italy, Pordenone, November 7-8, 2018

Medical specialist recruitment - Pordenone
The job fair is organized in cooperation with the region and EURES. Open for all job seekers in different occupations. EURES Denmark will have be holding a work shop regarding job offers for medical specialists and candidates will be invited from all Italian regions. We expect to meet qualified doctors looking for work abroad. Vacancies will be advertised by EURES Italy and their partners and by the organizer of the fair.


Germany, Düsseldorf, November 25, 2018

Careersinwhite - Düsseldorf
This is a private job fair organized by Careersinwhite, targeted the health sector. Workindenmark expects to meet medical specialists in different specialties and nurses. Job vacancies will be advertised prior to the job fair on the website of Careersinwhite. The fair will be marketed through the medical associations, by social media, and by e-mails send to doctors in Germany.